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Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (in Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil), is the largest country in both South America and the Latin American region.

The main language is Portuguese and the Brazilian Real is the most commonly used currency for mobile and online commerce. To conduct B2B or B2C business in Brazil, there are several Payment methods and Shipping services.

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State Population in 2017
Acre 0.56 Million
Alagoas 2.82 Million
Amapá 0.48 Million
Amazonas 2.81 Million
Bahia 13.07 Million
Ceará 7.43 Million
Distrito Federal 2.05 Million
Espírito Santo 3.10 Million
Goiás 5.01 Million
Maranhão 5.65 Million
Mato Grosso 2.50 Million
Mato Grosso do Sul 2.08 Million
Minas Gerais 17.89 Million
Pará 6.19 Million
Paraíba 3.44 Million
Paraná 9.56 Million
Pernambuco 7.92 Million
Piauí 2.84 Million
Rio de Janeiro 14.39 Million
Rio Grande do Norte 2.78 Million
Rio Grande do Sul 10.19 Million
Rondônia 1.38 Million
Roraima 0.32 Million
Santa Catarina 5.36 Million
São Paulo 37.03 Million
Sergipe 1.78 Million
Tocantins 1.16 Million