Culture and Technology in Latin America

Online and Mobile cultural behaviors in Latin America.

  • Internet Usage

    • There were an estimated 255 Million internet users in Latin America/Caribbean (representing about 42.9% of the region population), according to statistics updated June 2012 by Internet World Stats.
    • Latin America's online population grew faster than any other global region in 2011, rising 16% to 130 Million visitors in December 2011, according to The 2012 Latin America Digital Future in Focus report by comScore.
    • Searches in Latin America surged 21% in the past year to more than 18.5 billion queries in March 2011
  • Mobile Usage

    • Latin America, as a region, has some of the highest adoption rates of mobile devices in the world and overall mobile phone user penetration of 55.4%.
  • Social Networks

    • More than two out of three internet users in Latin America in 2012 will also be social network users and, like in other developing regions, social networking is a key internet activity driving online usage.
    • The most popular social network in Latin America is facebook.
  • Advertising

    • Fragmentation: Each country maintains a unique culture that responds differently to marketing campaigns.
  • Entertainement

  • Searches

  • E-Commerce