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Mexico, officially the United Mexican States (in Spanish: México or Estados Unidos Mexicanos), is a federal constitutional republic in North America.

The main language is Spanish and the Mexican Peso is the most commonly used currency for mobile and online commerce. To conduct B2B or B2C business in Mexico, there are several Payment methods and Shipping services.

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State Population in 2017
Aguascalientes 1.21 Million
Baja California 3.23 Million
Baja California Sur 0.67 Million
Campeche 0.84 Million
Chiapas 4.89 Million
Chihuahua 4.44 Million
Coahuila 2.80 Million
Colima 0.66 Million
Distrito Federal 8.86 Million
Durango 1.65 Million
Guanajuato 5.58 Million
Guerrero 3.42 Million
Hidalgo 2.71 Million
Jalisco 7.46 Million
México 15.39 Million
Michoacán 4.38 Million
Morelos 1.80 Million
Nayarit 1.10 Million
Nuevo León 4.78 Million
Oaxaca 3.84 Million
Puebla 5.85 Million
Querétaro 1.88 Million
Quintana Roo 1.39 Million
San Luis Potosí 2.61 Million
Sinaloa 2.79 Million
Sonora 2.71 Million
Tabasco 2.28 Million
Tamaulipas 3.32 Million
Tlaxcala 1.19 Million
Veracruz 7.71 Million
Yucatán 1.99 Million
Zacatecas 1.50 Million