Phone and Mobile in Latin America

Mobile payments, on either smart or feature phones, are a very popular payment method. SMS payments are a popular method in Europe and Asia and the rapid growth of smartphones with their advanced functional capabilities will continue to grow rapidly. Landline phone based payments where the charges are applied to your monthly phone bill are also still a widely used method in Europe.

Phone and Mobile Payment Methods in Latin America in 2017
Method Description Supported Countries
Paymo by BOKU allows consumers in 60+ countries to make purchases online using their mobile phone number. The paymo payment method works across more than 200 different mobile carriers throughout the world. Global
DaoPay, DaoTec’s own patented brand, provides global call & text micro-payment solutions for all phone devices. As a licensed phone payment service provider, DaoPay offers an anonymous, fast, secure and convenient payment process by simply charging the price to the buyer’s phone bill. DaoPay enables its partners to reach 5 billion phone users and monetize digital content and virtual goods without requiring buyers to disclose private credit card, bank account or any other sensitive information. Global
Mopay currently supports coverage in 80 countries as well as access to more than 300 mobile network operators worldwide, reaching 3.3 billion mobile phone users. Global